DIY Space Invaders Pin



While I’m not old enough to remember the original Space Invaders, I love the aesthetic. I also used to teach a programming class in which we made a version of the space invaders game with Java. Due to all of this inspiration I decided to make these space invaders pins out of one of my favorite crafting materials, perler beads. These are really easy to make (you only need perler beads, a pegboard, strong glue, and pin backs) and add the perfect amount of geeky flair to any outfit.

Here’s the pattern for the basic layout:


And then you just fill it in with the color of your choice (I used purple, green, and orange).


  • 52 Black Perler Beads
  • 52 Any other color Perler Beads
  • A strong glue (I used e6000)
  • Pin Backs (I just bought mine in the jewelry making sections of Walmart).
  1. Layout your beads on the board as seen above then fill in with your choosen color.
  2. Iron both sides covering with ironing paper beforehand.
  3. Let it cool.
  4. Once cool use a dab of strong glue on the back stick on your pin and leave it set for 12-24 hours.
  5. Enjoy.

If you like Perler Beads you can check out my other tutorial here.

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Diy Watermelon Perler Bead Coasters

watermelon coaster.png

I, like a lot of people, am very sad to see the end of summer and it getting colder, but to make the summer last just a little longer I made these perler bead coasters. I really love perler beads and would make everything out of them if I could (don’t worry many more bead tutorials are to come).

I started by laying an outline with dark green and light green beads (I did a stripy pattern to resemble the strips on the side of a watermelon). Then I did a white circle to resemble the rind then finally the inside with pink or red beads and a few black ones for seeds.

Here’s my red template:


And here’s my pink template:



  • Perler Beads (21 dark green, 21 light green, 8 black, 36 white, and 83 pink or red beads
  • A Circular Peg Board (I used one from a Walmart “Melty Bead” Kit)
  • An Iron
  • Ironing Paper (it comes with the beads)
  • (Optional) A Strong Glue and Matching Felt (to make them not slide around on a table)
  1. Put your beads on the peg board in the designs shown above.
  2. Cover with ironing paper and set your iron to a medium setting.
  3. Iron for around 30 seconds until you can see they’ve melted.
  4. Flip over and iron the other side after covering with another sheet of ironing paper.
  5. Set under some books until they cool so they’ll set flat and make great coasters.
  6. (Optional) Once cooled cut felt that matches the size of your coaster and glue it on with a strong glue.

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