Hello, I’m Monty and as stated in the description I’m just a guy who likes to make crafts and diy’s and such.

So why’d you choose “Just a Skein Off” as your title?

One because I always seem to poorly estimate how much crafting supplies I will need, hence being just a skein off. Secondly because my life has taken a path a little off the usual road. I went to boarding school for three years before realizing that wasn’t exactly right for me. So I finished up high school online and started traveling the county with my family in an RV (just like a real life Wild Thornberrys). I also decided to start an etsy store during my senior year and it turned into my passion and my job (you can find it here).

So what do you do now?

I’m currently on my gap year applying to schools, traveling, and running my business (I’m hoping to get a joint degree in neuroscience and gender and sexuality).

How often do you post?

I post a new DIY every Monday and Friday and a crafting lifehack on Sundays.