DIY Perler Bead Cactus Magnets


So this one is a little late, because of my crazy Halloween weekend (not really I was on my little cousins birthday trip, taking her to American Girl, and high tea). That being said I just found out my big craft cabinet is magnetic so of course I had to make some perler bead magnets for it. I always miss summer and plants and bright things so I decided to make these little cactus plants. Without further ado lets make them.


  • Green Perler Beads
  • Red Perler Beads
  • Yellow Perler Beads
  • Orange Perler Beads
  • Magnets
  • A Strong Glue

To start simply lay out all your perler beads in the pattern of your choice (or make all three like I did). Here’s all three patterns:




Then iron your design with ironing paper. After letting it cool take your magnets and strong glue and attach them to the back and let dry (I left mine for about 12 hours). I love how they turned out bright and colorful, exactly what I need as we head towards the winter.

Thanks for Reading,



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