Crafting Hack: Washi Tape Storage Box


Fair warning this post will be a little rant-y because of the insane price difference in this product. So I love washi tape, probably to the degree I have a bit of and addiction to it. And I’ve been looking for a way to store it (especially an easy to store it and travel with it). And I found these awesome cases at my local Walmart in the fishing section for 3.98.

Here it is:


I ended up buying two of them and I absolutely love them they fit all of my washi tape with a little space to spare that I put ribbon in. These fit every different roll of washi I have and I have a lot of different brands. Also as you can see in the picture they have dividers you can add or change depending on the compartment size you want.

Now we’re getting to the rant-y part, I found this box exactly the same just marked differently with a pink label at Hobby Lobby for 14.99, 14.99, more than I payed for two of the Walmart boxers. I’m so frustrated about this seriously when it’s marketed as a tackle box its 3.98 but when its marketed as a washi tape box its 14.99, that’s just insane.

I’m currently in Boston with my wonderful wonderful lady love so this articles has fewer pictures than usual.

Thanks for reading my rant-y post,

Monty 🙂


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