DIY Vintage Style Book Cover


I created this book in honor of Halloween (one of my absolute favorite holidays). It’s an easy tutorial to customize to almost any journal use. I decided to put my star sign (a Pisces) on the front but you could put anything. So without further ado here’s the tutorial.

I started with a sketch book (the one I keep in my craft room) and then drew my symbol with a white crayon. (As you can see I may have messed up a little the first time).


Next trace your white crayon outline carefully with a hot glue gun.


Let it cool then start overlaying this with tissue paper and modpodge (the tissue paper can be any color because you’ll paint over it). Here’s what mine looked like after a few coats.


After letting the modpodge dry and seal I started painting mine with acrylic paint. I mixed a metallic light blue and green glitter because I was going for any ocean-y theme.


Here’s what my book looked like after a few coats.



And finally I took a little bit of gold metallic paint to add some details.


All done, and this could be easily modified with different colors or symbols.

Thanks for reading,



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